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Althorp House
Althorp House

Many thanks to Althorp House for allowing us to mention that, in their shop, we have installed 3 x Geller SX-680 (Now the new SX-690) linked in IRC to consolidate sales reports.


Boat Inn Stoke Bruerne
Boat Inn

The Boat Inn at Stoke Bruerne is a very busy pub / restaurant with a high volume of customers.
Garrod & Co have installed 6 x Mini POS in the bars 1 x Mini POS in the shop and 1 x Colour Touch in the restaurant.  All communicating with each other and linked to Cash Commander on a back office PC .


Smiths Farm Shops
Image 1

Smiths Farm Shop has a high volume of customers.
Garrod & Co have installed 5x Varipos Terminals including linked scales and barcode scanning.  All communicating with each other and linked to TMS on a back office PC 

The  Billing Shopping Village has  1x Varipos with linked scale and barcode scanning and is also  linked to head office for reporting and programming via the Web


Dovecote Buttery & Farm Shop

Dovecote Farm offers a range of services including a restaurant, tea room and function rooms for business and private hire.

Installed 4 x Varipos Terminals with ICR Touch Software.Linked to Touch Office Web for accurate programming and reporting

With 2 Terminals Linked to Scales for fast weighing of soft fruit and vegeatbles.