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BJ-05 Note Counter (BJ-05 Note Counter)


The Baijia BJ-05 Note Counter is an entry-level counter and available at an affordable price.

The Baijia BJ-05 Note Detector is reliable, accurate and counts your bank notes at high speed whilst giving you that extra security of basic counterfeit detection.

Please Note: This item does not detect counterfeit Scottish Notes.

This competitively priced bank note counter is ideal for lower volume counts such as end of day cashing up in a retail store, up to several hundred pounds per day.

The "Size Detection" feature ensures that all the notes in a batch are of the same value, identifying any mixed denominations that have accidently been included.

The Baijia BJ-05 has three levels of counterfeit detection whilst maintaining a counting speed of 850 notes per minute.

Detection Types

  1. UV-Ultra Violet Detection.

  2. MG-Magnetic Detection.

  3. MT-Magnetic Tape Detection.

On detection of a counterfeit/forged note or miscount, the Baijia BJ-05 auto stop facility and error coding will advise the operator.

Benefits & Features

  • Quick and Easy to Use.

  • Counts at Speed of up to 850 Notes/Minute.

  • Auto Start and Stop.

  • Equipped with Counterfeit Note Detection Including UV, MG and MT.

  • Adjustable Size Detection Function, Height and Length.

  • Addition and Batch Function.

  • Large LCD Display.

  • CE Approved.

Please Note: This item does not detect counterfeit Scottish Notes.

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