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BJ-18 Coin Counter (Coin Counter)


BJ-18 Coin Counter

Every mistake with money will cost you money. Luckily you can trust the infallible help of Baijia Coin and Banknote Counters.

Quickly counting and sorting does not pose any problems for this model either. It processes approximately 220 coins per minute.

Please Note: This item does not count Euro coins.

You can feed 300 to 500 coins at a time into the device and can continue adding coins while it is counting. When counting is completed, your mixed coins are sorted into the individual hoppers for bagging up.

You can also have this model bundle a preset amount of coins. This is as handy as it gets.

Benefits & Features

  • Counts & Sorts 216 Coins Per Minute.

  • Hopper Capacity of 300-500 Coins.

  • Add & Batch Function.

  • Total Quantity & Total Value.

  • Autostop When the Coin Tray is Full.

Please Note: This item does not count Euro coins

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