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VariPOs (VariPos)


Key Features

  • 15" zero-bezel glass & projected capacitive technology touchscreen
  • Intel® Pineview D510 1.66GHz Dual Core CPU Fanless
  • Flexible architectures for 7.2" LCD second display, MSR, iButton, fingerprint, smart card reader
  • Removeable aluminum base with adjustable angle & adjustable view angle of customer display VESA Mount
  • Customized color matches your shop image
  • Front panel IP 66 waterproof Certified

Product Overview - VariPOS 715

In the competitive hospitality business technology is always moving forward. The main challenges of the restaurant owner are enhancing the customer ratification, increasing employee turnover and staying ahead of others. It’s a world where customers expect quick, efficient service. Let ForPOS help you. ForPoOS is taking customer interactions to the next level by enabling companies to grow revenue, reduce costs, improve speed of service and increase customer satisfaction.

The VariPOS 715 EPOS Terminal is housed by the robust aluminum material to ensure a complete protection for  the main system. The aluminium material also guarantees efficient heat elimination, steady performance to maximize uptime and helps to reduce maintenance costs. The front panel of  VariPOS 715 is rated by IP 66 waterproof test. The base of  the VariPOS 715 can be either in fixed plastic or adjustable aluminum materials for friendly view angle.

The VariPOS 715 EPOS Terminal offers customised colour service to synchronise your retail shop and cooperation identity. VariPOS 715 provides end-to-end communications throughout your operation to increase efficiency, speed service, and ultimately a better guest experience for your customers.

Available with Sentinal,ICR Touch,Vectron Software

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